Your Teen Wants to Hear What You Have To Say!

Monday we start after-school classes for about 23 middle school students.  These teen's parents cared enough about them getting correct, powerful information that they organized a week of private Reality Check Classes in an after-school setting.  I am so proud of their tenacity to work out details to bring this about.  It is refreshing to know these teens have a strong support system that will help them navigate this important time in their development.  Not every teen has this advantage unfortunately.  
One of our presenters just finished teaching an eight day program at a high school near by. Here are just a few cards that caught my heart.  So grateful for our Instructors who unashamedly share this important message with teens.  

These three cards have shown us that most students do not have an adult in their life that has the courage to step up and talk about those "awkward" or "uncomfortable" things. The truth is, teenagers want information. They want to be "in the know." But, if they don't have trustworthy adults in their lives to talk about these things with them, they're going to look for it in different avenues.
Parents, it is important to TALK to your teenager. Don't let them be uninformed and then make decisions that they will later regret. 

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