Little Project with Big Results

My heart is bursting…  I have been so blessed today.  How great is the Father’s love for us!

I’m not sure what any of us expected back in January, when three young men, from the Alternative School where our Reality Check office is located, tossed this idea out.  We were working in the Life-Skills program room when one of the young men said he would like to make something for someone else, since they had learned to sew during the fall semester.  They wanted to give back to the community.  The idea was decided on to make bibs for the local nursing home.  They didn’t want to leave anyone out so the goal was set to make about 70 bibs.  Somehow over the next few months the project morphed to making lap-quilts and pillows, as well as bibs.  What started out, as three young men’s idea soon became a project where all of the students became involved and had a hand in creating gifts.  Some cut material, matched up pieces of fabric, sewed, tied quilts, designed pillows, stuffed pillows, made tags of encouragement, laughed, learned, and built community and a family spirit.

Today, about seventy young people, bearing 96 quilts, pillows, and bibs went to the nursing home to deliver the gifts they had made for the residents.  What they brought to the nursing home was far more than quilts and pillows.  They brought hugs, warm smiles, and sweet faces to give and receive kisses.  They brought kindness and love.  They left with full hearts, eyes filled with tears, and a call in their soul to go back again.  They reached outside themselves, outside their generation, and found hands reaching back bridging any age difference, just people giving and receiving unconditional love. 

Stepping outside my role of Director and speaking purely from my heart.  I saw the heart of Jesus Christ on display today, and I know He was smiling.
He also has a gift for each of these people, both young and old.  His arms of love are reaching out, when we reach out to Him, we find the gift of unconditional love, acceptance, and reconciliation.  We find the heart of Jesus Christ, and we are forever changed.

Thank you young men and women for your attitudes and actions today.  Attitudes and actions that brought honor, dignity, and respect, not only to yourselves, but to your family, your school, the residents, and your community.  I am so very proud of you.

Beth Bryant

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