Reality Check, Inc. wants to thank James Yandell with Walmart International, Brazil, for speaking to the Extended Day and Crossroads students.  He gave an excellent presentation and interesting Q&A session for approximately 120 students.  Mr. Yandell spoke to the students regarding:
"How to be Successful in Life and Business"
1: Dependability:  Be on time, keep your word and follow through.
2:  Good Judgement:  Look at your choices and consequences and developing the ability to choose wisely.
3: Trustworthy:  Building honesty in relationships.
4: Communication:  Learning effective clear communication.
5: Alignment:  Learn to align your God-given talents and abilities with available opportunities.  This involves knowing yourself, likes/dislikes, strengths/weaknesses, etc. 

Thank you for sharing from your life experiences and insight.

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