I am so thankful for the men and women who have taken time to volunteer when Reality Check, Inc. has asked.  It is an honor to have you come and speak to the students we work with in the Extended Day and Crossroads school. A word fitly spoken does change lives.
Today, we had the privilege of having Greg Bohannan, professional FLW fisherman, give his time and speak from his heart into the lives of these young men and women.   He shared Seven Steps to Success, using his life story. 
1.     Always add value:  Be sure to bring value into every relationship or situation in your life.
2.     Find what you are passionate about and go after that.  Don’t let the negativity or discouragement of others sway you from your dream.
3.     Be extraordinary.  Do something to stand out from the crowd.  Work hard.
4.     Find a good mentor.  Iron sharpens iron.  Choose friends that will strengthen your values.
5.     Know your finances.  Develop the habit of saving for a rainy day.
6.     Protect your integrity.  Your past will follow you, so guard your integrity.
7.     Be resilient.  Everything you do will have its ups and downs, persevere.
Thank you, Greg for challenging us to follow what we are passionate about, and that we can be anything we desire.  Appreciate these great life principles. 

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